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Q: I had a brow lift five years ago but my eyebrows have fallen again and I can still see some of my frown lines. I don't want surgery again. Is it safe to do Ultherapy?

A: Yes! There is a slow and gradual development of tightening and new collagen production after Ultherapy. This can add to the good success you had received initially with the brow lift.

Q: I saw a photo of myself recently and I look very sad. I realized that compared to pictures of when I was 20, my eyebrows at 65 are nearly touching my eyelid. They are very flat and there is no arch any longer. Should I have a brow lift?

A: Brow lifts can make a big difference, but there are some risks including permanent numbness of the forward part of the scalp. In addition there can be considerable down-time of swelling around the forehead and the eyelids can get swollen shut. If you discuss the risks and advantages with your plastic surgeon and also discuss endoscopic brow lift but decide you don't want surgery, then you can have a combination of Ultherapy, ultrasonic forehead tightening/lifting and Botox lift. This treatment won't give you as much of a lift as a surgical brow lift, but without surgery it is amazing how much lift some people can obtain. Unfortunately not all people derive the same benefit.

Q: I can't decide if I should have a facelift or Ultherapy. What would happen if I do Ultherapy, and then decide it's not enough of a result; can I still have the facelift?

A: Absolutely. You're not “burning your bridges” by having non-invasive ultrasound tightening on your face. Give it six months though to allow most of the new collagen to form prior to seeing the plastic surgeon to evaluate how much skin needs to be removed during the lift.

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