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Reduce fat under chin

You may know CoolSculpting™ as a way to freeze stubborn fat around the middle, behind the arms and back, and on the thighs, knees, and butt.

These localized areas of fat tend to be resistant to diet and exercise. Stubborn fat can develop on the face. It’s tough to hide a double chin with clothes. This highly visible excess can detract from otherwise youthful facial features.

Fortunately, the CoolSculpting™ treatment Dr. Ron Shelton has successfully used for 5 years to contour areas of the body can now be applied to trim areas of the face, courtesy of the FDA-cleared CoolSculpting™ Mini device by Zeltiq® Aesthetics.

The CoolMini’s size, shape, and curve precisely isolate and comfortably fit smaller treatment areas. In addition to treating submental fullness or chin fat that arises with age, weight gain, and can run in families, CoolMini™ may treat certain off label sites of the body depending on the physician’s experience.

CoolMini™ uses the same proven science that has made its CoolSculpting™ so successful: Cryolipolysis®.

This process involves applying cool temperatures to annoying problem areas in a controlled manner via specially designed applicators. As fat cells in the treatment area are precisely targeted, they freeze or crystallize. Eventually, the cells die and are eliminated from the body via natural metabolic processes, similar to when the fat in food is eliminated from the body.

As this process occurs, you will see a noticeably more sculpted you over time. Zeltiq® reports patients may see results within three weeks. The most dramatic results are typically seen within three months of treatment as the fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body.

In an important clinical trial, Zeltiq® notes 60 patients aged 22 to 65 experienced an average 20 percent reduction in fat under the chin following 1 to 2 CoolMini™ treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.

Once the fat is gone, it is gone for good. Unlike some types of fat loss whereby the cells only shrink, cryolipolysis eliminates the fat entirely so it can’t accumulate again in treated areas.

You may feel some pressure and intense cold at the start of the procedure, which quickly subsides. CoolSculpting™ devices are designed so temperatures may be monitored and quickly altered as needed throughout the procedure. Following the procedure, you may experience temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness similar to common side effects experienced following other noninvasive procedures.

CoolSculpting Mini in NYC requires no incisions to be made, anesthesia that puts you under, or trauma, because the procedure is limited to treatment tissues and doesn’t affect surrounding tissues. Accordingly, you can get back to light exercise and most other activities immediately following treatment. The same cannot be said for invasive, surgical procedures such as liposuction.

While CoolMini™ is new to market it is not new to Dr. Shelton. His practice was selected as a research site for this treatment. While the FDA only recently cleared the CoolMini™ to treat this common problem, know that Dr. Shelton and his team are experienced in using this device.

Dr. Shelton is also pleased to offer another new treatment for the improvement of moderate to severe submental fat: Kybella™. Unlike CoolMini™, Kybella is an injectable procedure. The active ingredient in Kybella™ breaks down fat cells. Like CoolMini™, these fat cells are destroyed and safely eliminated from the body for good.

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