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Q: Can an aesthetician perform ultherapy in the office?

A: In NY state at this time, I am not sure if ultrasound energy devices are considered lasers as per regulations as to who can perform treatments. I, or another doctor, in our office does the treatments.

Q: How painful is Ultherapy?

A: Before I acquired Ultherapy I was concerned about what I had heard from two different doctors who tried it. Then after we acquired the Ulthera device, having been experienced in using Thermage, I found that with the similar pretreatment regimen of pills and adjusting it for Ulthera, our patients tolerate it better than Thermage and the results are better.

Q: I have had an unusual lower eyelid since childhood. More of the white of my eye below the pupil is showing when I look straight ahead. Can Ultherapy help tighten the skin and bring it up from the lower eyelid so it looks better?

A: No, in fact the tightening would pull the lower eyelid down if it is weak to begin with so please avoid this. A surgical procedure such as a canthopexy done by a plastic or oculoplastic surgeon may be the only way to safely provide the improvement you’re seeking.

Q: I was going to have an Ultherapy and saw the doctor in consultation already, but my friend called from California yesterday and she just had it done and paid less than I was going to pay. Why is the cost different for her?

A: Your friend may be having less lines of Ultherapy done, her anatomy may be different than yours or her doctor may be doing the 5, not 5.0plus protocol, or not using some of the newer transducers that add further treatment ( the smaller infraorbital or shallow ones).

Q: I just lost 25 pounds and my neck is sagging a little. Can Ultherapy help?

A: This is a very common reason to have Ultherapy and it works well on those patients whose elasticity has been maintained. Sun damaged skin and aged skin with inelasticity does not tighten as well.

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