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Ultherapy Facial Rejuvenation Manhattan NYC

Q: I am African American and would like to have a tighter face as my jowls are forming but I am afraid of a facelift because of keloids. Could I have Ultherapy treatment NY?

A: Yes. There is not the risk of keloids with Ultherapy as there might be with surgery. Also the ultrasound energy does not subject the skin's melanocytes to stimulation and does not induce post treatment hyperpigmentation.

Q: Will Ultherapy treatment in NY correct my deep smile folds?

A: Probably not. Ultherapy can help lift jowls and the corners of the mouth and the mid cheek, but not enough to flatten deep folds. The folds may look less obvious if the cheeks are lifted and fillers improve volume defects of the cheeks. Fillers can also be injected directly into the smile folds.

Q: Can I get a long lasting effect from Ultherapy, or does it need to be repeated every six months?

A: The new collagen that you can gain is long term. It does not go away suddenly. The lifting from the contraction of the SMAS connective tissue layer is going to be faced with the normal aging process and can benefit from maintenance treatment but that will be different for each patient as to how far apart that will be in years.

Q: If I am 32 am I too young to have Ultherapy?

A: Not at all. It's better to start young when the jowls just start or the cheeks just start to drop. Your skin's condition is better and more responsive if you have less sun damage than a person much older than you. It's easier to maintain than to do a reversal.

Q: I've heard that the way Ultherapy is done is different now than when it first began. In what way is it different?

A: The number of lines laid down and the transducers are different so that more energy can be delivered at different depths and in certain areas which the larger transducers couldn't fit into initially.

Q: Is nerve damage a common complication of Ultherapy?

A: No. Nerve damage, weakness, sensitivity, etc. is rare but reported. Fortunately the cases have all recovered by themselves. There may be irritability, sensitivity, numbness and pain, but these symptoms should resolve over a few months or less.

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