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Q: I hate my jowls. I'm fifty-five and feel 70! I absolutely don't want surgery. Should I have Ultherapy with Ulthera?

A: Ulthera has helped raise the jowls in patients who have maintained their elasticity of the skin. There is no comparison to the amount of lifting that a face/neck lift could create but without surgery, Ultherapy delivers deep ultrasound energy that helps tighten the tissues. There is no down time post procedure the next day. There are no garments or wound care that are needed as there is no surgical wound! Improvement is seen over six months as there is continual collagen tightening from the treatment.

Q: If I have Ulthera on my face tomorrow, can I work out later in the week?

A: Yes, being that Ultherapy is non-invasive, you can exercise the next day. You won't have to do any wound care. You may, however, be slightly swollen and exercising can increase the amount of puffiness in the face. This would last for several days at the most.

Q: I hear conflicting reports about Ulthera. Does it work?

A: Every patient is different and has to be evaluated for their condition. If the wrong patient, who is not a candidate because of inelastic bad sun-damaged skin, is chosen for Ultherapy, they will not get as much, or any tightening, compared with a patient who has retained their elasticity. Smoking and sun damage are terrible culprits that ruin the youthfulness of the skin.

Q: I saw a friend recently and she looked so good and natural but younger. She didn't look like she had the shiny skin from lasers nor the unusual stretching of a facelift. She said she had a tightening procedure about three months ago called Ulthera. How does this work?

A: Ulthera is a strong ultrasound energy that penetrates the epidermis without making a wound and reaches the deep dermis and connective tissue layers that provide support, like a sling, to the lower face. This S.M.A.S. layer is what plastic surgeons use to elevate the drooping face. The Ultherapy targets deep tissue such as the SMAS layer and it tightens as a response to the energy. There also is a build up of collagen production for six months after the procedure. The result is not the same as a facelift but without surgery it is wonderful to see the improvement in some individuals. Unfortunately not everyone's skin responds the same. Bad sun damage and smoking interfere with the results.

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