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Q: Can I get the same improvement from Ulthera on the forehead as a brow lift by a plastic surgeon?

A: No! The non-invasive Ultherapy Skin Tightening in NYC can improve one's skin by tightening it over six months from the development of new collagen, but there is not going to be the same degree of movement upwards compared with a plastic surgeon's results from surgically removing loose skin and sewing the skin in a new elevated position. The Ulthera, though, does limit some side effects and risks that exist with surgical brow lifts, such as the potential for permanent numbness of the forward scalp that can occur with surgery. There also is limited swelling and bruising, if any, with Ulthera compared with the expected amount of swelling with surgery.

Q: I take Plavix to thin my blood so I know I shouldn't have a facelift. I'm really bothered by the sagging in my lower face. What else can I do? Should I have Fraxel or Ulthera? I am seeing my NYC dermatologist next week for an appointment, what should I ask?

A: Non surgical lifting of the face has been produced by focused deep ultrasound energy that reaches the deep dermis and helps tighten the connective tissue that holds up the skin. This Ultherapy technique was designed by a plastic surgeon and a laser expert who wanted to help patients rejuvenate their face who refused to undergo surgery. Ulthera came to market a few years ago and has become more common in plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices in the last year.

Interestingly, Ultherapy has one of the highest patient satisfaction rankings on RealSelf.com . Fraxel Repair and Portrait Plasma resurfacing, each of which produces a minimum of one to two weeks of down time, can produce some tightening but Ulthera has virtually no down time and is FDA cleared for lifting. Ask your dermatologist if Ultherapy is right for you, its risks and if other treatments such as Pelleve radiofrequency or Thermage could be as effective.

Q: Are there significant risks of long term problems after Ultherapy?

A: As there haven't been problems with long term consequences of Dermabrasion or carbon dioxide laser and deep chemical peels, provided there were no adverse events in the first year, and as Ultherapy induces new collagen in the dermis as the above procedures, it is doubtful that there would be long term problems from ulthera.

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