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Halo™ skin treatment and facial rejuvenation

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Fat Injections NYC - After - Halo / Profractional and Sciton Laser Micropeel

Halo™ is the new hybrid laser technology device which combines 2 laser treatments with minimal downtime. Sun damage, surface texture and fine lines and wrinkles are all addressed with this single laser treatment. It's a total skin rejuvenation treatment which may show a dramatic change in your overall skin tone and texture.

*Results may vary

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Dr Shelton at Halo laser conference

Dr.Ron Shelton attending conference on further developments using the new Halo™ laser - October 2017

How does it work? 
Halo™ is similar to Fraxel ® Dual laser as both have two different wavelengths in one laser. Whereas the physician first fires one wavelength for a series of passes and then an additional series of passes with the second wavelength in the Fraxel ® Dual, the Halo™ fires almost simultaneously two wavelengths. It helps produce new collagen below the skin to help acne scars and wrinkles and helps resurface the epidermis for more even tone and smoothness.

Halo fractional laser can treat:

  • Hyperpigmentation from sun damage
  • Acne or chickenpox scars
  • Age spots
  • Pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

How many treatments will you need? 
The number of treatments ranges from 5 mild to one deep Halo treatment.

What does Halo™ feel like? 
Dr. Ron Shelton says: "For the lighter Halo laser treatments my patients have topical numbing cream applied by my nurse in our office prior the procedure. Deeper wrinkles and deeper acne scars may require deeper settings and we dispense medication in the office to make it more comfortable.

Most patients have reported very little discomfort and described a feeling of heat with occasional prickling sensations.

When will I see results?
Results can be seen after 4 to 5 days however the skin tone will continue to improve over time.

Halo™ has been a welcome addition to the multitude of lasers Dr. Ron Shelton can offer his patients.

What's next?

Discover how Halo™ can eliminate years of skin damage to reveal your most brilliant skin. We invite you to book a professional laser consultation. Call us at: (212) 593-1818