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Q: If I had prostate cancer and was treated with radiation, can I still have Ultherapy for my face?

A: Yes, there is no interaction of the ultrasound energy and the radiation unless they are done on the same area of the body which would put the skin at risk.

Q: Are blisters common after Ultherapy?

A: No, and if you have blisters, you should contact your doctor immediately. There may be some redness and slight swelling but no blisters.

Q: I have seen two doctors for Ultherapy but I am such a chicken and want to be put out but they refused, why?

A: Some doctors have different attitudes about risk, or their office may not be set up for sedation. In the New York Aesthetic Consultants, LLP, we are accredited as an office based surgical facility and we have board-certified anesthesiologists that can administer sedation, safely, for those patients who have low to no pain thresholds.

Q: Can Ultherapy lift my thighs? I want to avoid ugly surgical scars.

A: We don’t yet have information from Ulthera if this is safe and effective. Possibly, newer transducers will be manufactured in the future to allow this to be a great surgical alternative for different body sites.

Q: I have fat bumps on my lower eyelids. Will Ultherapy dissolve them?

A: No, Ultherapy is not indicated for this. Ultherapy has not been shown to create fat loss at this time and its depth of penetration, even with the most shallow of the transducers, may be too deep for a thin eyelid.

Q: My upper eyelids have sunk so low that the floppy skin is touching my eyelashes. They feel so heavy. I have a serious bleeding tendency that prevents me from having elective cosmetic surgery. I read about Ultherapy and it sounds like it might help. What is the possibility I can obtain a lot of lifting of my upper eyelid?

A: You would need to be examined but it is not reasonable to expect more than 2 millimeters of a lift and some people get none. Ultherapy is a great treatment but there are variables that we don’t know that could help us decide who will and who won’t get a good improvement. By treating the forehead, the eyebrow and upper eyelid unit gets pulled up. In some patients they don’t have enough contraction or collagen production to help this lifting.

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