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Daxxify™ NYC

New FDA-approved DAXXIFY® in New York City to treat frown lines (Botox® alternative)

Dr. Ron Shelton is pleased to introduce the new DAXXIFY™ NYC- the first and only peptide-powered frown line treatment with long-lasting results. Dr. Shelton has been trained on DAXXIFY® and is excited to offer this long-awaited, longer-acting anti-wrinkle treatment that targets dynamic wrinkles on a patient’s face.

9 days after Daxxify for Glabella and off-label crows feet
9 days after Daxxify for Glabella and off-label crows feet - Possibly longer duration of effectiveness than Botox.

What is DAXXIFY®?

DAXXIFY® is an FDA-Approved anti-wrinkle treatment system that is injected into muscles to temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). It is a botulinum-toxin-prescription-medicine developed by Revance Therapeutics. It comes under the family of neuromodulators, which includes Botox®, Dysport®, Xeomin® and Juveau®. Dermatologists see it as a competitor to Botox® with effects that last longer than Botox®.

How does DAXXIFY® work?

DAXXIFY® NYC works like Botox®. It inhibits the signals from nerves which cause muscle contraction and temporarily paralyzes the injected muscle. When these signals are interrupted, facial movements get reduced. It relaxes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles between the eyebrows. This results in temporary smoothening of fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

How long does it last?

The effects wear off over time, however DAXXIFY® effects last longer than other neuromodulators. This means fewer trips to the dermatologist as many people get multiple injections each year to maintain their wrinkle-free look.

What are the areas which can be treated with DAXXIFY®?

FDA has given approval to treat frown lines.

How is DAXXIFY® different from Botox®?

The major difference between DaxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm (DAXXIFY®) and Botox® is the duration of its effectiveness. The effects last longer than Botox®. Botox® and other neuromodulators are made out of human serum albumin while DAXXIFY® is the first neuromodulator formulated with peptide exchange technology that uses a stabilizing peptide instead of human serum albumin.

The peptides in DAXXIFY® may help its cosmetic effects last longer as a wrinkle-smoother than Botox®. Both are effective treatments for smoothing out wrinkles. The choice between these two will depend on personal preference as well as your dermatologist's advice.

How long does it take to show results?

Patients may see the results as early as the following day and typically within a couple of days.

Is DAXXIFY® safe?

DAXXIFY® received the FDA clearance in 2022. It has been extensively tested across different ages and skin types and no serious treatment-related side effects have been reported. Its active ingredient botulinum toxin type A has been used to treat frown lines for over 20 years. 96% of people treated with Daxxify® were satisfied with their outcome.

Dr. Shelton's patients come to him for their Botox® treatment and other botulinum toxin treatments. He aims to provide a natural appearance and his patients value his cautious approach and concern for safety. Dr. Shelton is extremely experienced at Botox® as he has written a book about the subject. He also teaches his injection technique of Botox® to dermatology to resident doctors at the Mount Sinai medical center in New York City.

During your consultation Dr. Shelton will discuss and answer any questions you may have. He will help you decide if the treatment is right for you and guide you to make an informed decision.

2 weeks after Daxxify in NYC. Before and after Daxxify treatment of frowning. Similar to Botox, there is a “forehead lift” which helps open up the eyes and most patients feel less tired as their upper eyelids aren’t heavy.
9 days after Daxxify for Glabella and off-label crows feet - Possibly longer duration of effectiveness than Botox.
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What is your next step?

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