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Brown spots NYC & Laser Brown Spot Removal New York

What are the brown spots on my skin?

Brown spots, also referred to as age spots, liver spots, or sun spots, are pigmentations that occur on the skin. Also known as solar lentigines, these spots are actually due to sun exposure and are not related to aging—or the liver! Dermatologists see patients regularly for the treatment of brown spots.

Can a brown spot be skin cancer?

Hyperpigmentation concerns can appear at any time in one’s life. The melanin production is stimulated and causes the coloration of the skin. Many times, the brown spots appear on areas of the face, neck, and chest—any area that may have been exposed to the sun. In some instances, these brown spots may be a sign of skin cancer such as melanoma. Though relatively rare, these brown spots may need to be biopsied if there is reason for concern. An examination and skin cancer screening by a dermatologist is the best way to receive a proper diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatments.

A proper diagnosis of the hyperpigmentation is necessary to distinguish brown spots from any other skin disorder such as melasma. Melasma may require a different treatment option than traditional brown spots, so discussing the concerns with Dr. Shelton and his team can assist in determining the best way to proceed.

Can a dermatologist remove dark spots?

Several treatment options exist for reducing the severity and pigmentation of brown spots. Dr Ron Shelton offers the following range of therapies:

Many patients can benefit from laser therapies, though plasma resurfacing and chemical peels can also make significant changes to the color of the spots. The options chosen may be related to what patients can afford and how severe their brown spots are.

Pigmentation problems can have a negative effect on one’s self-image and confidence. By addressing brown spots, patients can rejuvenate their skin and the way they feel about themselves. Contact us today to schedule your appointment, and find out which solution is best for you.

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Content updated: April 2023