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Q: I am 72 years old and my lower eyelids are sagging down. They look red and irritated. My ophthalmologist describes this as rosacea. Can the Ultherapy in NYC help lift up my skin? I don't want surgery.

A: Ultherapy may tighten the skin of the lower eyelids, but as the eyelid is considered a free margin, as nothing is anchoring it in position, it may pull back with the tightening of the skin. Therefore, it may pull down rather than lift up. Exposure keratitis of the cornea can be a serious problem if irritation and dryness causes scarring on the cornea to then move over the pupil blocking vision. Eventually you may need surgery to keep the pupil from being blocked.

Q: Is it possible that after Ultherapy that I had yesterday on my face, that my lower eyelids are swollen, when the doctor didn't treat my eyelids?

A: Absolutely! Treatment of the forehead, especially, can produce significant swelling that, via gravity, deposits itself around the upper eyelids, then courses down around the bridge of the nose to the inner lower eyelids. From there it can move to the cheeks. Usually in several days to one week it's gone. However, this significant swelling is more rare than common. It is a good idea to sleep with your head elevated the first night which helps the face drain the fluid faster and creates less back pressure of blood flow to the face thereby lessening the swelling. Some people take the herb, Arnica montana, which has been shown to decrease swelling in cosmetic procedures. Also limit your salt intake.

Q: I have a double chin and my doctor said a neck lift won't help. It's just a collection of fat and liposuction would be my best choice. Could Zeltiq or Ultherapy help if I don't want to undergo a surgical procedure?

A: There is as of this time, no appropriate applicator for Zeltiq's CoolSculpting to treat the fat underneath the chin. Off-label use of Liposonix may help but there are risks such as nerve injury. Ultherapy ultrasound energy has not been shown to be effective in fat reduction.

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