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Q: I had Ultherapy on my forehead and one side is slightly higher. It's been one week, will this stay like this?

A: I have not seen long term asymmetry to-date from Ulthera in my patients although I have seen one patient in whom the one side was slightly tighter and that was the side they were always able to elevate the eyebrow greater than the other side. This can be subtle and needs no treatment as it can resolve but if it does occur and is significant, see your doctor as some things can be done to even out the sides, such as considering a couple of units of Botox on the higher side to help relax it. The doctor should review the risks and advantages of the Botox with you as well as alternatives.

Q: My upper eyelids are sagging so much I can't put on eyeshadow easily anymore. I don't want surgery what can be done to help me?

A: Sometimes injecting a filler such as Restylane, a hyaluronic acid filler, can help support the lower aspect of the eyebrow above the upper eyelid and help keep the area up. Thermage radiofrequency and Ultherapy, focused deep ultrasound energy, can help lift the forehead area. I may use the deeper Ultherapy for the forehead and Thermage for the upper eyelid. Over six months after treatment, there can be improved lifting. Not all patients get the same wonderful result; some patients may not see any improvement, but these tend to be somewhat more sundamaged patients and the elderly are often not good candidates as they have lost some if not most of their skin's elastic properties.

Q: If I have Ultherapy, will I see the improvement right away? I have a wedding to attend in two weeks and want to know if it's worth it for me to rush in now for an Ulthera treatment to my NYC dermatologist.

A: Usually, the majority of the improvement is not seen for three to six months after the Ulthera. The more superficial Pelleve radiofrequency treatment can provide a less dramatic but more readily seen improvement in some patients. There are some patients whose skin does respond rather quickly to Ulthera but it would not be cost effective for you to rush in for an Ulthera treatment NYC if the only desire you had would be to look better in two weeks as you will get more improvement as the months progress.

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