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Botox NYC


What is Botox?

Botox™ NYC provides men and women with the ability to return to a more youthful version of themselves. With painless injections and just a few minutes of time, the effects of time and stress can be smoothed away. Neither medication to numb the treatment area, nor time for recovery is necessary. However, for patients who are new to Botox™ and apprehensive about how the injections will feel, there is the option to apply a topical anesthetic or a cold pack to reduce sensations in skin.

botox cosmetic

Botox™ NYC Cosmetic

botox in nyc

Botox™ Treatment in NYC

Are you worried about the worry lines on your forehead? Wrinkled foreheads can make people look old, tired, worried, angry, quizzical, sad, stern. A quick visit to the premier Manhattan aesthetic center of Dr. Ron Shelton to receive Botox™ injections may be all that you need to refresh the skin on your face. Botox™ NYC treatment consists of several painless injections in the shallow muscle tissue between or above the brows or around the eyes. Often a numbing cream is applied and after several minutes the cream is wiped off and the Botox™ treatment session lasts only about a few minutes and lets you resume your day feeling refreshed and ready for a rejuvenated appearance in a matter of days.

Some of the lines and wrinkles that occur on the face, particularly those that form around the eyes, glabellar lines and on the forehead, are the result of persistent contractions in the muscles on the upper part of the face. We use these muscles so frequently when we frown, laugh, cry, and squint to read small print that they eventually remain tightened even when we are at rest. By relaxing the contractions in these muscles, Botox™ results in beautifully reducing the signs of aging that make us appear tired, angry, and old.

Benefits of Botox

A benefit of Botox NYC Cosmetic used to reduce frown lines is a secondary lift of the forehead which helps pull up the eyebrows and the upper eyelids which often lower creating "hooding" with age. This is referred to as a Botox™ Brow Lift. There are some off label uses of Botox™ including reducing the thickness of the chewing muscles which make lower faces rounder and less feminine, especially in those that grind or clench their teeth. Botox™ has been used to create tighter jaw lines, lift up the sagging corners of the mouth, tighten loose sagging neck bands, reduce the "gummy" smile ( the gum above the central upper incisor teeth shows when someone smiles widely), and reduce the droop of the nasal tip in those that have an open mouth nasal tip pulling reflex. Botox™ results can all be viewed in Dr.Ron Shelton's patient's Botox™ before and after gallery.

Botox NYC for Crows feetIn consultation with Board Certified Dermatologist Ron Shelton, you can discover the cause of Crow's feet, furrowed brows, and more, and have it treated with no delay. Your comfortable treatment session that lasts only a short time can produce amazing results that could keep you looking unhurried and serene for up to four months. Botox™ cost and results will vary per patient.

​Botox™ is the brand name of botulinum toxin and is often interchangeable with other brands including Dysport®, Xeomin® and others.

Browse through our website and check the 'treatment visualizer' that will give you a sneak preview in the 'Before and After Gallery' and get excited about the treat in store for you.

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Content updated: April 2023

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