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CoolSculpting™ for Inner Thighs in NYC

Inner thigh fat often bothers people who feel their legs rubbing together when they walk. The inner thigh fat pushes down on the lower tissues creating drapery-like folds and appear unsightly. Although Liposuction can be done in this region, Liposuction is often not a good treatment in this area as it weakens the structural support of the inner thigh and more folding or sagging sometimes is seen.
CoolSculpting using CoolFit is FDA-cleared for the inner thigh area. CoolFit has been improved using the newer CoolAdvantage technology from CoolSculpting. It allows for a greater area to be treated in nearly half the time and more comfortably. Usually one thigh takes 35 minutes.

Treatments are often done two months apart, and while some patients may only need one treatment, many will benefit with two or more. There is no downtime typically with CoolSculpting of the inner thighs.

Dr. Shelton personally examines all patients in consultation to ensure that the patient is a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting. Dr. Shelton applies the applicator himself to the correct area.

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