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Q: I had a face and neck lift but I still want my neck to be tighter. The surgeon said he could do more tightening in a year. I heard about Ultherapy NYC Skin Tightening. Could I have this done now six months after my surgery?

A: Yes. Ulthera delivers intense and deep ultrasonic energy to tighten the deep supportive structures of the skin. It has been done after neck and facelifts.

Q: I had Sculptra done in my lower cheeks and my doctor said I should have also done Ulthera but I didn't want to then. Can I do it now?

A: Until studies show otherwise, I prefer to wait six months after Sculptra before doing Ulthera, but if Ulthera is done first, I will place the Sculptra immediately after, or any time thereafter. The question for now, only soon after FDA approval was granted to Ulthera, is if the deep ultrasound energy would make the Sculptra's results vanish more quickly. The research may prove that there is no interaction. For now, it certainly is fine to have Ultherapy first.

Q: My doctor's office has a nurse doing Ulthera. Is this just as good as a doctor doing the procedure?

A: If it is legal in the state the medical care is rendered to have an assistant do the procedure, then it is just a question if the physician is supervising and training his or her staff to do the procedure. My personal preference is to perform the Ulthera treatment myself. The understanding of the anatomy is crucial to delivering an effective and safe treatment.

Q: If I am flying overseas in one week, can I have Ultherapy NYC Skin Tightening today?

A: Yes, Ulthera should cause very little downtime if any. There might be slight swelling but this should fade in a few days if it occurs.

Q: I hate my jowls but I have a bleeding disorder and can't have surgery. What else can be done?

A: Ulthera is a non-invasive therapy that can tighten and lift the skin. It may help lift the jowls, although the effect is not to be considered to be as high a lift as a facelift can provide. By delivering intense ultrasound energy into the deep dermis and connective tissue layers, without injuring the epidermis, one may obtain tightening within six months of the procedure. Its effect can last for a long time. Treating the cheeks and neck can synergistically reduce the jowl.

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