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Q: My friend had Ulthera and still has some pain in the tissues. I had Ulthera in NYC recently too, and although I felt the pain of the heat of the Ulthera, I don't feel that my facial tissues hurt. Will I get a good result?

A: Post-treatment soreness has not been described as being necessary in order to obtain a good tightening and lifting result of the Ultherapy. It may take six months to see the result.

Q: If I want my NYC dermatologist to use New York Ultherapy procedure only on my jowls, must I treat the whole face?

A: No. It can be used to treat the cheeks to lift up the jowls, and often I find that treating the neck helps make the jaw line straighter as well. You can opt not to have the forehead and infraorbital areas treated.

Q: Should Ulthera in NYC be done by a doctor?

A: As a physician, I like doing the facial Ultherapy in my practice so I have control in delivering the best treatment unique to my patient's specific anatomy and aged appearance.

Q: I just had Ulthera in NYC three weeks ago and already see some lifting of my jowls. I do have sundamage that my doctor says can be improved with Fraxel Restore laser resurfacing. Is it possible to have Fraxel after Ultherapy?

A: Yes. Provided you had an uneventful treatment with Ultherapy, and your physician agrees that you can have the Fraxel, the Fraxel can be done very soon after the Ulthera treatment. In this way you can gain the lifting from the Ultherapy and rejuvenation in the skin's surface appearance from the Fraxel treatment.

Q: If I have NYC Ultherapy on my neck to tighten my neck bands and I don't see enough improvement, can I have a neck lift?

A: Yes. If you give the Ulthera treatment at least six months to produce its maximal contraction and lifting/tightening, then you can undergo a surgical lift for more improvement if needed. Be sure to mention to the plastic surgeon, all treatments you would have had prior to the surgery so they can be sure there is no contraindication to avoid having the surgery.

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