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Thermage™ NYC Wrinkle Treatment

wrinkle treatment

You desire tighter, wrinkle-free skin, but injections and surgery may lead to extreme results that are too much for what you really want. Perhaps you want to avoid the cost and the complications that can go hand in hand with surgical lifting procedures. If you find yourself in the "in between" area, you are not without options to rejuvenate your facial appearance. In the Mid-town Manhattan area, Dr. Shelton and his team of professionals offer men and women an outstanding level of care in a welcoming environment. Among the treatments available in our practice, Thermage™ is an option that provides excellent results for wrinkle reduction.

Thermage™ NYC treatment is ideal for the person who hates the idea of invasive procedures and the anxieties that accompany surgery. A non-invasive alternative, Thermage™ utilizes the novel method of applying radiofrequency to the skin. This energy targets the cells deep beneath the surface of the skin while keeping the surface cool at the same time. The natural collagen present in the skin is stimulated by radiofrequency heat, causing it to literally rise and shine! The effect of heat on collagen-producing cells causes them to wake up, strengthening, revitalizing, and tightening the skin.

In treatment sessions that take from thirty to ninety minutes, Thermage™ delivers the right amount of energy to the right depth of skin to produce lasting results. Though most people will see some degree of improvement immediately after treatment with radio frequency energy, the full effect of Thermage™ will appear gradually as collagen stores build up and the skin is better supported from the inside out.

In addition to achieving gorgeous results on the face, including the sensitive eye area and beneath the chin, Thermage™ may be used to tighten skin on the thighs, hands, buttocks, arms, and even the tummy.

Dr. Shelton and his team are available to discuss the method of pain medicine or anesthetic best suited for the level of Thermage™ treatment you will need. By getting your questions answered by a board-certified physician, you can confidently determine if Thermage™ is for you.
*Results may vary

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