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CoolSculpting can help freeze your outer  thigh fat

Outer thigh fat, referred to as saddle bags for the shape that the carrying bags that were laid across the saddle of a horse and draped down along their side enlarging the width of the silhouette of the horse on frontal view, is one of the most commonly requested sites to treat in a woman. CoolSculpting is an effective way to reduce this fat by freezing this fat and Zeltiq was the first company to specifically invent an applicator for this special unique site of the outer thigh.

CoolSculpting uses CoolSmooth and improved the device a couple of years ago with CoolSmooth Pro, which unlike most of the other applicators, does not use suction. It is FDA-cleared to treat the outer thighs and is gently curved to fit the convex curvature of the outer thigh. It is strapped into position during the freezing cycle which is quite comfortable.

Dr. Shelton sees all patients in consultation and examines them to be certain they understand the benefits and risks of the procedure and that they are a good candidate for CoolSculpting. Dr. Shelton applies the applicator with assistance of his nurses but he is there, hands-on, applying the applicator during treatment. There is not much downtime with CoolSculpting and one can return to their desired activities much quicker than if they had liposuction.

Patients will often undergo more than one treatment and the duration between treatments is two to four months.

What's next?

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