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Q: I have badly sun-damaged skin with dark brown spots and wrinkles. I absolutely don't want to undergo surgery such as a facelift. What procedures can I have done without doing surgery to improve my skin? I live in NYC and heard about Ultherapy.

A: Fraxel Dual laser resurfacing can help improve the coloration along with the use of topical products such as Revale, TNS Essential Serum, Elure, prescription Retin-A or other vitamin A creams, and non-invasive Ultherapy. Ulthera is a device which is an intense focused deep ultrasound energy that is absorbed as heat and stimulates the body to produce more collagen. Ultherapy is FDA cleared for lifting without surgery.

Q: Will I get any fat loss from Ulthera procedure in NYC? I have a fat neck, can this improve?

A: There is no evidence yet that Ulthera can produce fat loss, although this is being studied now. It should not improve your neck from reduction of fat, but may tighten and lift it to some degree.

Q: Can Ulthera help my lower eyelid bags in NYC?

A: Sometimes Ultherapy decreases the bulging of the lower eyelids. It doesn't always help. Festoons of water retention and herniated fat pads usually don't improve. Sagging skin might tighten with the non-invasive energy of focused ultrasound such as Ulthera.

Q: I have to go to a friend's wedding one day after my Ulthera is scheduled in NYC. Is this OK?

A: It is very rare to get a bruise with Ultherapy. There usually is no down time one day after the procedure, but there can be swelling, especially when the forehead is treated, that settles down near the lower eyelids and this puffiness might concern you socially for a few days. However, it is fine for you to socialize.

Q: I had a facelift about five years ago in NYC and am happy with the results but I want some refreshing treatment without surgery. Can I have Ultherapy if I had a lift before?

A: Yes. Especially five years later, you may benefit by the collagen production that will occur as result of the Ulthera. The Ulthera will not give as much a lift as surgery, but when patients are not ready to undergo surgery or have a secondary surgical procedure, Ultherapy is a good and safe alternative.

Q: If I am 25 years old, will I get benefit from NYC Ultherapy on the forehead?

A: If there is laxity, then regardless of age, you may get improvement, although the chance of seeing improvement is greater in younger than older patients because of their healthy skin.

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