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CoolSculpting & Body Sculpting to get rid of Love Handles

Love handles are accumulation of fat in the flanks over the hips that trouble men and women. This bulge of fat is extremely difficult to reduce with diet and exercise, even in those that are considered gym "rats". Liposuction is a good alternative but many patients express to Dr. Shelton that they want to avoid an invasive procedure that has downtime and obvious bruising, despite the temporary nature of it.

CoolSculpting uses the CoolCurve applicator which fits on the convex curvature of the love handle to freeze the fat. The new CoolAdvantage applicator cuts the treatment time in almost half, and as Dr. Shelton has available several CoolSculpting units, DualSculpting is often done. Two applicators treat both love handles at the same time and instead of the older technology taking one hour per applicator which made the treatment time two hours when only one device is possessed by the individual medical practice, Dr. Shelton's DualSculpting can take as little as 35 minutes. The treatment is often redone two months later. There is no downtime for most individuals.

Fat reduction of love handles can be very effective with CoolSculpting, especially with the newer CoolAdvantage applicators and makes it a very good alternative for liposuction without the downtime.

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