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ThermiRase  - Before and After Treatments

ThermiRase™ is the new alternative to treatments such as Botox®, Dysport, and Xeomin and it is ideally the treatment for frown lines or otherwise known as glabellar frown lines between the eyes.

While Botox paralyzes the nerve and lasts only around 4 months, ThermiRase uses radio frequency (RF) energy to destroy the nerve that causes muscle contraction / wrinkles and ThermiRase results can for up to two or more years.

The radio frequency (RF) energy is applied underneath the skin through a metal tip on a cannula which is raised to a temperature which is just enough to damage the nerve and make it inactive.

Duration of the procedure about an hour and local anesthetic is injected to make our patients comfortable. Swelling will last until about 14 days.

ThermiRase™ is an FDA approved treatment; it is safe to be done at any age and on any skin type. We invite you to book a professional consultation with Dr Ron Shelton at his Manhattan office. Call us at: (212) 593-1818

*Results may vary