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Q: Is it possible to treat my sagging thin upper lip with Ultherapy?

A: Ulthera can possibly produce tightening of the older falling upper lip as an off-label procedure. Data is being acquired as to the benefit of the small transducer being used on the cutaneous upper lip.

Q: Is there such a thing as a nonsurgical breast lift? Can I have Ultherapy do lift my breasts?

A: This has been discussed amongst some of my colleagues but I'm not sure if there has been any formal investigation as to the lifting ability of the chest wall with Ultherapy, and if it would be used only above the breast on the chest wall to help pull it up, or if it would be used on the dermis overlying the breast as well. There might be concerns of what the energy could do to breast tissue and new transducers might be needed to avoid penetrating the energy into the breast tissue. Another concern, is that the mid chest wall is an area in which some patients are prone to developing keloids, or overactive scars which produce excessive collagen. Could the Ulthera energy heat the tissue to the point that it would stimulate dermal keloids? We will have to see what the scientists discover.

Q: I'm thinking about having Ultherapy to do a nonsurgical neck lift. Should I wait until I need a neck lift in my sixties or do it now? My mom has such a bad neck and I look like her in other respects, so should I just start now to avoid getting such a bad neck as hers?

A: If there has been some descent to the tissues in your face and you can benefit from tightening and lifting, and as there is no down time for the most part with Ulthera, you might be considered a candidate now. Of course, there may need to be further treatment in the future as tissues continue to sag.

Q: Is Ultherapy better than Thermage?

A: Some physicians still rave about the results they get with Thermage, but I have found that Ultherapy, in my NYC practice has provided my patients with better facial results, although we still perform body Thermage which is more efficient that body ultherapy, as the latter does not yet have body transducers and the off-label use of the facial transducers on the body is inefficient compared to the larger surface area of the Thermage handpiece.

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