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Q: Should I have Ultherapy or fillers?

A: Ultherapy is a lifter and fillers correct volume loss. The two are often done in the same patient as they may have both conditions of sagging and deflation. The fillers would be done after Ultherapy, usually.

Q: I had Sculptra done 8 months ago, can I now have Ultherapy?

A: The current recommendations are to wait at least six months after fillers, but that may be revised to less or more if studies are done and data collected.

Q: I had Ultherapy because I wanted my forehead to be lifted but didn’t want to go through a brow lift and have permanent numbness of my scalp. I have a patch of tenderness on my left scalp near the front but the Ultherapy didn’t treat up there. What’s happening, and will I become numb there?

A: You will not become numb in all likelihood if you are feeling some sensitivity in the scalp. The Ultherapy probably inflamed one of the nerves in the forehead and the sensitivity is the area to which the nerve supplies sensation so the pain signals travel there. It should resolve in days to weeks and not be permanent.

Q: If I have Ultherapy and it lifts my face up, will I ever need a facelift?

A: Unfortunately, the sun damage you had as a child is a big part of the aged appearance and that along with your continued age increases the sagging that occurs as time advances. The Ultherapy can help fight this trend should you repeat the treatments periodically. This can be in six months to improve the results already obtained, or in several years to help lift what has continued to sag after the initial treatment. In other words, if for argument’s sake, you look 75 and after Ultherapy you look 70, then in five years you might look 75 because you do continue to age regardless of the treatment. But although you appear 75 in reality you would be 80 at that time. These numbers are only for illustrative purposes and not promises of results.

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