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Q: I had a cheek implant done 10 years ago and now want ultherapy. Is that a problem?

A: Let your doctor know. They should be able to see the outline of the implant on the monitor during the ultrasound treatment with Ultherapy and ensure that the transducers used over the area are more superficial than the depth of the implant. In all likelihood, the 3 mm. and 1.5 mm. transducers will be able to be used.

Q: I had Ultherapy and I was scared when I looked in the mirror after the procedure. I had all these red welts all over my face. By the time I got home they were gone, but was there a problem? Will I get scars?

A: With the development of the new 1.5mm. transducer, which is more superficial than the 3mm and 4.5mm deep transducers, we see more welting. They tend to be temporary and resolve within 30 to 60 minutes usually, but some may take longer. If there is extended periods of welts or if blisters develop, then patients should see their doctors.

Q: If I had restylane injected in my cheeks how long should I wait for having Ultherapy?

A: You might wish to wait for six to nine months or more as we're not certain if the Ultherapy delivered right over the filler would hasten its dissolution. I would be unhappy to know that I provided a treatment that caused a patient to have wasted their hard-earned money by dissolving a filler with the ultherapy. There is no evidence that this is the case, but until it is proven safe to treat right over the filler, I would rather not. It would be different if the filler were placed at a depth that the Ultherapy couldn't reach.

Q: I had Ultherapy yesterday and when I got home there was a blue dot on my left cheek. Today it's much bigger. What could be happening?

A: Bruising is very unusual but has been reported with Ultherapy. Bruises often expand in size before they stabilize, but resolve within three weeks without leaving a scar. Please see your doctor.

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