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Q: I have my high school reunion in two weeks. Is there enough time to do Ultherapy on my face to tighten the tissues?

A: It would be fine to have the treatment this soon prior to your reunion, as the treatment is for the most part, considered not to have downtime. Rare bruises occur but should be gone in two weeks. Slight swelling is usually gone by then. However, you will only obtain the maximum improvement in about six months. There may be minimal improvement, if any, seen at the time of your reunion.

Q: I had filler in my smile creases and now I want to have my jowls lifted with Ultherapy, is this a problem?

A: Absolutely not! The Ulthera is not done on the smile folds. Studies are being done to determine even if this would be a problem should some patients want Ulthera right over an area that had fillers injected previously.

Q: My eyebrows have drooped so much and I don't want Botox. What can I do to make the eyebrows lift?

A: Certainly, a brow lift may be in order, but if you are not willing to subject yourself to surgery, its downtime and risks, you might consider Ultherapy to help lift noninvasively. In addition, fillers in the eyebrows can help lift the upper eyelid.

Q: Will Ultherapy give me the same result as a facelift?

A: NO, the amount of lifting will not be the same with Ulthera as it would be expected to be from a facelift. Some patients appear rejuvenated after Ultherapy but the skin won't be as tight compared with a surgical lift.

Q: I had radiation treatment for lung cancer last month and look awful. My face has aged so much. What can I do, a facelift, laser resurfacing, Botox?

A: It is impossible to suggest a treatment without seeing you, but keeping in mind that you just finished radiation treatment for a disease that can take a lot out of your defenses, you might not heal well if you were to have a facelift this soon after your treatment. Possibly nonsurgical treatments such as Ultherapy facial lifting could be done. There is minimal to no down time and the results can be seen six months after the procedure as there is collagen production and tightening.

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