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For many people, body hair poses aesthetic concerns. Due to the inefficiency of most hair removal techniques, laser hair removal in the office of Dr. Ron Shelton is a popular dermatologic treatment. Laser hair removal NYC is an excellent procedure for men and women who desire smoother skin and greater convenience in personal grooming.

If excess body hair is your concern, we invite you to schedule a consultation in our Manhattan medical facility, where Dr. Shelton and his team are well qualified to help you. Our skilled aesthetic providers can help you say goodbye to shaving, tweezing, and stripping hair from the body in just a few straightforward treatment sessions.

Laser hair removal options in nycWith the aid of lasers, your doctor will utilize the technique called 'selective photothermolysis' to precisely heat the specific areas where hair growth occurs. This means that the laser heat will be accurately directed at the follicle and it will not affect the skin around unwanted hairs. Unlike other procedures, the laser hair removal process ensures minimum skin irritation with maximum effect.

Before laser hair removal, the most efficient form of hair reduction was to treat pores with electrolysis. This procedure took more time due to its ability to treat only one follicle at a time. The heating of follicles with electric thermal energy was also quite uncomfortable. With laser, each pulse treats hundreds of hair follicles in a far more comfortable fashion.

Laser hair removal is an FDA approved system for "permanent hair reduction." This term is preferred over "hair removal" because it is possible that a few hairs will grow back here and there. After completing a series of laser treatments through which actively growing hairs are targeted, many people schedule touch up sessions on a yearly basis to keep skin smooth and hair-free.

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