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Q: I have a weak heart and I am 78 but I want to know if Ultherapy can help lift my jowls.

A: Fortunately, age is not a contraindication to having Ultherapy. In addition, your weak heart is not affected by the procedure but if a doctor is giving you some medication to relax you then the dose might have to be adjusted for your age and for other medications you take. If you don't have a lot of inelasticity from significant sun damage of years ago, then you might get a nice result. Certainly, there is not the same amount of skin elevation that will occur from Ultherapy that a facelift would produce but the Ulthera usually causes no down time and does not have the risks that the surgery does.

Q: I have lots of wrinkles around my mouth Will Ultherapy help these?

A: Probably not, but there can be exceptions. Ultherapy may allow us to treat the upper lip area with new transducers but tightening that skin may not improve the lines or wrinkles. You may need CO2, Fraxel laser resurfacing, plasma Portrait resurfacing or even Dermabrasion to improve those lines. Fillers may help too but have to be repeated.

Q: Can one doctor do Ultherapy differently than another?

A: Yes. Although there are guidelines proposed by the company, the Ultherapy can be delivered slightly differently in extra lines and vectors to try to accomplish a greater lift in one direction or another. Experience and interest in the physician's part, can help make the patient have a more pleasant experience by treating the patient with different medication for pain and anxiety.

Q: Will I have to have an anesthetic cream applied before Ultherapy? I hate the feeling of being numb.

A: No. In fact, we don't use it because it wouldn't decrease discomfort as the skin is the only thing the numbing cream numbs and the Ultherapy affects deep dermal collagen and that heat which is uncomfortable is not going to be reached by the cream's effect. Pain killers are offered by the practice to the patient and that helps. We also offer anti anxiety medication but if you don't want to feel a certain way after treatment, it is not required to take the medication.

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