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Thermismooth nyc

ThermiSmooth NYC - Before and After Treatments

Dr Ron Shelton is happy to provide his patients with the latest in cosmetic dermatological treatments and products. As a part of the Thermi RF™ technology, he now offers the ThermiSmooth™ NYC procedure. This in-office treatment is designed to fight the signs of aging by working with the body’s natural collagen-producing tendencies. ThermiSmooth™ is performed with a hand piece which precisely heats targeted areas on the surface of the skin for gradual tightening, comfortably!

How the ThermiSmoothâ„¢ procedure works

When collagen, part of the network that supports healthy skin, is exposed to heat greater than 40ºC, it shrinks. The shrinking of collagen within skin cells has a tightening effect on the skin, reducing the signs of aging. With the ThermiSmooth™, he will apply controlled heat that achieves the desired effect while, at the same time, ensures a comfortable experience that feels similar to a hot massage.

ThermiSmoothâ„¢ differs from other non-invasive treatments

As a collagen tightening treatment, ThermiSmoothâ„¢ as a part of the Thermi RFâ„¢ system features an adjustable temperature control that allows to treat specific areas of concern comfortably but with immense efficiency.

ThermiSmoothâ„¢ can be used on treatment areas such as the neck and facial areas including the eyelids, the forehead, around the mouth, and even under the eyes. Due to the non-invasive nature of the ThermiSmoothâ„¢ procedure, a series of treatments are needed to achieve the desired result. During your consultation with Dr. Shelton, one of very few physicians trained in the Thermi RFâ„¢ system, at the time of this writing, you can find out the treatment program that will best suit your needs. During the consultation visit, you are able to discuss with him the concerns you have about your skin. Dr. Shelton will perform an examination of your areas of concern and will provide details of the treatment or treatments recommended to accomplish your goals and expectations.

What to expect with ThermiSmoothâ„¢ treatment

To begin your ThermiSmoothâ„¢ treatment, he will apply a thin layer of gel to the skin in the treatment area. The target temperature will be set on the ThermiSmoothâ„¢ hand piece, and he will slowly move the hand piece over the skin in a circular pattern. The device will receive feedback from your skin, which will then guide the ongoing thermal termperature throughout treatment. These automatic adjustments facilitate comfortable treatment. ThermiSmoothâ„¢ treats small areas or the entire face and so the treatment time depends on your treatment regimen. It may take 20 minutes to more than an hour.

Seeing results

Most people treated with ThermiSmoothâ„¢ begin to feel that their skin is tighter after the first couple of treatments, but it can take months to visualize a change. One of the various benefits of this treatment, however, is that collagen fibers continue to strengthen beneath the skin over several months, further improving the end result.

Contact us to learn more about ThermiSmoothâ„¢

If you are like many others whose skin just isn’t what it used to be, you may love what ThermiSmooth™ can do for your skin. To learn more about this effective anti-aging treatment, contact Dr Shelton at (212) 593-1818.