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Sofwave NYC Nonsurgical BrowLift

Sofwave Treatment in New York City

There are many patients who see Dr. Shelton to improve their sagging eyebrows and especially the extra roll of the upper eyelid skin that starts to form in our 30s- 40s. This is also referred to as hooding. As the descent of the forehead starts, the arch of the eyebrow flattens and the upper eyelid falls as well. This gives the patient a heavy or tired feeling and an older appearance. The muscles of the forehead begin to compensate for this drop by contracting even when the person is at rest. This continual elevation of the forehead to lift the eyebrow, and with it, the upper eyelids, creates horizontal forehead creases.  Botox brow lift in NYC can help open up the eyes  by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the forehead but this lasts only several months.

Furthermore, Botox is not injected into the horizontal forehead lines on the lower forehead as that would weaken the forehead’s ability to raise the eyebrows. If the sagging of the forehead were to be treated, then Botox could be administered to help treat those horizontal creases.

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Dr. Shelton has used several treatments in the past that help tighten the forehead to improve this condition including:


And now there is Sofwave™.  Sofwave™ NYC is a high intensity focused ultrasound energy that is delivered by a transducer applied directly to the skin with an ultrasound gel. There are no needles, nor wound created. Physicians have discovered that the amount of skin elevation of the upper eyelid, although not as much as that obtained from a surgical blepharoplasty procedure, is greater from undergoing Sofwave™ than the other nonsurgical treatments previously available.

The forehead and the skin immediately below the eyebrow can be safely treated with Sofwave™ in Dr. Shelton’s NYC outpatient practice. This is a very easy and fast treatment. It is recommended to be repeated about three months later. By using this focused high intensity ultrasound energy, the dermal collagen layers which gives support to the skin, are tightened and new collagen production is stimulated. The Sofwave™ NYC non surgical Brow Lift takes just several minutes. There is no downtime for most patients however a few may develop some swelling in the forehead that night and this can move lower towards the upper and even lower eyelids for a few days. It is not recommended to exercise or bend over for a couple of days after the treatment. It is extremely rare for patients to develop any bruising from the treatment.

Many patients need no pain management but Dr. Shelton always is focused on making his patients as comfortable as possible and can administer pain medication and offer nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) if his patient prefers.

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