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Q: Is Ultherapy good for me at 40 years old before I need a facelift?

A: More and more patients are starting sooner with Ultherapy as they first notice a slight jowl, or descending cheek creating a deeper smile crease, to delay the eventual facelift. Your doctor will analyze your anatomy and determine what’s best. Some patients may need volume, not a lift, and would get better results with fillers, while others may only need Ultherapy and some, both volume and lifting.

Q: Can I have Fraxel done two days after Ultherapy?

A: Absolutely, unless something in the epidermis looks unusual. The Ultherapy provides energy to the deep dermis and connective tissue layers bypassing the epidermis and superficial dermis so there is no duplication of treatment by the Fraxel in the same plane, regardless if it is Fraxel Repair, or Fraxel Restore or Fraxel Dual.

Q: Can I have Ultherapy and Fraxel Restore the same day?

A: Yes, but I would do the Ultherapy first and the Fraxel Restore or Dual laser to follow. The Ultherapy does not create a wound and the Fraxel Restore provides minimum down time in redness , swelling and some flaking.

Q: I had a cheek implant two years ago. Can I still have Ultherapy?

A: Yes. The Ultherapy won’t penetrate through the muscle of the cheek, and it is under that plane that the implant is usually inserted. In addition, the energy of Ultherapy is delivered to the mid and lower cheek but not on the cheekbone so there should be no problem.

Q: Can I have Ultherapy if I had Juvederm six months ago?

A: To-date there have not been any reports of bad results from Ultherapy when done over fillers. There may be collective date that the company can gather and disseminate over the years, but for now, many physicians have chosen to wait about six months after hyaluronic acid fillers before doing Ultherapy. Fillers can be done, however, immediately after the Ultherapy as there wouldn’t be a concern then that the ultrasound energy could affect the molecular structure of the filler or hasten it’s disappearance.

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