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Q: Will ultherapy lift my face as much as a facelift but without surgery?

A: No, definitely not. Ultherapy helps rejuvenate and refresh the face by subtle lifting of broad areas via tightening. It cannot replace a facelift but for those individuals that don’t want to have surgery, this is the best alternative for facial lifting. It works better for lifting than Fraxel Repair and unlike that laser that is used more for skin resurfacing, the Ultherapy does not have any considerable down-time.

Q: What can I do to limit swelling from ultherapy?

A: Many patients do not swell, but as we advance in the treatment and deliver more lines of energy, cumulative heat that is generated can develop swelling in the tissues that takes a few days to go away. Arnica Montana, an herb taken by mouth, may minimize the swelling.

Q: Can I feel secure with a physician’s nurse doing Ultherapy?

A: Under the direction of the physician, assistants may be trained very well and deliver excellent treatment with the Ultherapy device which has a very high safety record.

Q: Can there be permanent damage to nerves with Ultherapy?

A: There have not been reports of long term weakness after ultherapy. Nerve weakness has been reported to be self-limiting and after a couple of weeks it has resolved.

Q: I am 25 years old and see my face having descended already. Can I have Ultherapy?

A: At your young age it can only be determined prudently by an in-person evaluation. Why would your tissues have dropped at such a young age? If there is a medical condition causing your symptoms then that should be addressed first.

Q: Will Ultherapy’s results be worth the pain?

A: The great majority of patients who had ultherapy indicate they would do it again. The pain is ameliorated by several medications that Dr. Shelton prescribes in advance of the treatment. Other medications are given in the office shortly before the procedure to make it comfortable for the average patient.

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