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Q: I am 76 and my daughter said I should get Ultherapy. I told her I was too old and it won’t help unless I get a facelift. She said I was wrong. Who is right?

A: Ultherapy may provide good lifting in those patients who have not damaged their skin much in the past with sun exposure. Age is not the main cause of the aged appearance of the face. Ultraviolet A is the deeper penetrating ray that clumps up the elastin tissue in the dermis and ruins collagen. If you protected your skin from the elements, especially the sun, when you were younger, and you were not and are not a smoker, then your elasticity is possibly good enough to mount a nice response to the ultherapy. Ulthera would never give you the same amount of lifting as a facelift, but it does not give you the down time nor risk of a facelift.

Q: I want to have Ultherapy to lift my jowls and I understand it won’t make me look like I had a facelift. My doctor suggested I also have fat injections done but I read that Ultherapy shouldn’t be done over fillers. What is the right thing to do?

A: The best situation would be for you to have Ultherapy and then immediately following that, you could have the fat injections, even the same day, but not in the reverse order in case the Ultherapy energy would diminish the effectiveness of the fat injections. This would hold true for Sculptra, Perlane, Juvederm Ultra Plus, etc.

Q: I can have Titan with my daughter’s doctor or Ultherapy with my doctor. My daughter’s doctor is charging much less for Titan than the Ultherapy fee quoted by my doctor. Which treatment should I have to lift my face?

A: As I have seen that the Ultherapy is more effective than Titan, I would not suggest picking your procedure based on price alone.

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