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Dr Ron Shelton is pleased to offer the new FDA approved CoolToneTM from Allergan: For body-contouring, strengthening and toning.

Cooltone for muscle tightening

2 years post series of CoolTone for muscle stimulation of buttocks, tightening, lift and muscle growth. Has helped cellulite too

Allergan’s newest CoolToneTM technology can help you look and feel better with its ability to tone your abdomen, buttocks and thighs.  When it comes to facial procedures Allergan is a pioneer in the Aesthetic market. CoolToneTM NYC now joins Allergan’s CoolSculpting, a non-surgical treatment that targets unwanted fat cells in the body by freezing them. CoolToneTM received clearance for strengthening of the abdominal muscles, improvement of abdominal tone, and development for firmer abdomen.

CoolTone CoolSculpting

What is CoolToneTM?

CoolToneTM is a laser device to build and tone your muscles without going to the gym. You do not need to sweat or spend long hours for this procedure as there is no downtime.   Simple but extremely effective, CoolToneTM does not require anesthesia either.

How it Works

CoolToneTM applicator,
CoolTone Applicator

Placing the CoolToneTM applicator, this technology uses magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to penetrate muscle layers, which then causes involuntary muscle contractions. The body responds to these contractions by strengthening its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle conditioning. Combined with the advanced, electromagnetic stimulants, CoolToneTM uses a 1.8 Tesla magnet to stimulate the area which needs to be treated.

CoolToneTM can be performed on:

  • Inner/Outer Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Lower Legs

Are you a good candidate for CoolToneTM?

If you are physically fit and adhering to a healthy lifestyle but looking to tone your abs, buttocks or muscles, you will be a good candidate for CoolToneTM.

Does CoolToneTM procedure hurt?

Some patients get a ticklish sensation during the first few minutes until they get accustomed to the rhythm of muscle contractions. It is not painful, however thin people will feel the muscle contractions more than others.

How long does it take?

It is a convenient treatment that will not even take an hour of your time.

Are there any side effects from CoolToneTM?

Only mild soreness can be expected, however CoolToneTM is considered to be a safe procedure.

If you are looking out for a non-invasive and easy way to tone, contact Dr Shelton at (212) 593-1818 or book an appointment online  for a consultation.