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Tight, smooth skin has always been associated with youth. As the body ages, the skin naturally loses its tone. Sagging may occur, and you may feel as though your face ages you. At one time, skin-tightening treatment involved invasive cosmetic surgery. Today, it is possible to achieve excellent results and slow the hands of time as it pertains to your skin with non-invasive treatment in the Manhattan area.

Dr. Shelton is proud of his menu of services, having carefully selected each treatment he offers. An innovative treatment that is making waves is Ultherapy, an ultrasound device that is used to address the problem of loose, sagging skin. This method of skin tightening stimulates the body’s own reconstructive process and greatly improves the appearance of the skin on the face and neck. After a single treatment, the skin naturally becomes healthier, lifted, and more youthful.

When new technology comes out and seems so promising, it is natural to wonder if your Before and After will be as dramatic as you expect. To determine if you are a good candidate for Ultherapy, just call the office of Dr. Ron Shelton and schedule a brief consultation. If you are noticing that your skin has lost some of its youthful elasticity, chances are Ultherapy is right for you.

Individuals who find immense benefit in Ultherapy treatment are those with skin laxity that has caused fine lines and wrinkles to develop. As the skin matures, the face may also lose a bit of definition at the jawline and the skin beneath the chin begins to sag. Another problem that can be corrected with Ultherapy treatment is droopiness in the eyebrows.

Dr. Ron Shelton, who has been recognized as one of the best doctors in New York, may recommend Ultherapy for individuals who would like to achieve younger looking skin using non-invasive methods. Ultherapy is designed to work with the body’s natural processes to produce the additional collagen that is needed to support healthy skin. Treatment is safe and effective, producing results over time as the skin’s own supportive tissues are reconstructed as a result of ultrasound energy.

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Dr. Ron Shelton, formerly having practiced on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, NYC, is now located in Midtown Manhattan. Learn more about Ultherapy and other anti-aging treatments by calling (212) 593-1818.