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Manufactured by the same company that produces Fraxel laser technology, this clear and brilliant laser is designed to be a milder version of its predecessor, the Fraxel laser, and it succeeds in providing a gentle improvement in tone and texture with a downtime that’s either mild or nonexistent.

While utilizing a 1927nm. wavelength to reduce brown discoloration occurring from sun damage, the Permea laser is also used to lighten Melasma (facial hormonal darkening). Alongside this, it prevents premature signs of aging from becoming prominent by giving the skin a radiant glow. At times, this laser is used with topical treatments that are designed to penetrate the lasered skin, thus ensuring that the treatment is more effective.

Image of clear brilliant system

Post treatment, one may observe a slight redness on their skin, which might be accompanied by minimal swelling. Within two to three days, tiny dots of a dark brown will become visible, and will be felt as rough skin that naturally exfoliates. Soon, the skin will start to improve.

As a series of 5 to 6 treatments that can be repeated as needed, Permea laser is typically done every 2 to 3 weeks. However, topical lightening creams and the usage of sunscreen will continue even after the treatment has been completed.

Treatments are completed in our office in about half an hour, allowing you to get right back to your normal activities. Due to the thermal energy with which the skin is treated, there is often a warming sensation during treatment. Dr. Ron Shelton is on the forefront of dermatological science. He is happy to offer his patients proven treatments to achieve their needs and expectations.

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