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thermage & ultherapy on eye lids

Q: Will I have pain after Ultherapy?

A: Pain is rare but can occur and should go away on its own if it occurs. Tenderness to the touch is common for some time but is mild and self-limited.

Q: Why can one practice charge less or more than another for Ultherapy?

A: There are different needs for each patient depending on the amount of lifting needed, the amount of different facial or neck areas needed, the amount of transducers used, the amount of lines delivered, etc. Some practices try to entice patients into the office by mentioning a minimum price for a small area not making it clear that a full face or face and neck treatment is much more.

Q: I had multiple dental implants. Can I still have Ultherapy?

A: Yes, the ultrasound energy should not develop the implants.

Q: I had Ultherapy to lift my face last week and I have an appointment to get fillers in my cheeks tomorrow. Is this safe?

A: Doing fillers after ultherapy is not a problem. There are questions about the effect ultherapy would have on fillers if the fillers were done before.

Q: Can I go into a sauna the day after Ultherapy?

A: There is no evidence that a hot sauna would interfere with results from Ultherapy so you should be able to enjoy it safely.

Q: Can I exercise after ultherapy?

A: Provided there is no unusual swelling then exercise is no problem the day after ultherapy. One might develop some swelling but this is not common.

Q: Does Ultherapy help with wrinkles, or only lifting?

A: The only wrinkles that Ultherapy would help minimize are those that are a result of the sagging skin above the fold. Once the skin above the wrinkle lifts, then the crease improves. Wrinkles that are in the skin from sun damage, and are visible whether the skin is at rest, or stretched, will not improve after ultherapy.

Q: When can I resume hot yoga if I have Ulthera done?

A: I suggest waiting until the day after the procedure, otherwise you might risk creating a lot of swelling.

Q: I'm having Ultherapy on my whole face but I forgot to ask my doctor if it will help my upper eyelid sagging. Can I expect it will?

A: Depending on the amount your upper eyelid has sagged, the Ultherapy might help raise the sagging skin to some degree but it never matches the extent that surgery can provide. The ultherapy actually doesn't treat the eyelid skin, but as it treats the forehead it can help lift that and along with the forehead, the eyebrow and upper eyelid get pulled up together.

Q: Can I have Fraxel Dual laser right after my Ultherapy?

A: Absolutely. There is no problem to do the Ultherapy which targets the deep tissue, and the 1927 nm. Fraxel Dual laser for pigmentation and sun damage as this targets more superficial layers.

Q: Can I have Ultherapy on my neck and CoolSculpting too?

A: CoolSculpting does not yet have applicators from Zeltiq that would give a good fit on the neck area. If such an applicator would be developed, I would anticipate doing the treatments on different days, otherwise the freezing of CoolSculpting might settle down the purposeful inflammation of the Ultherapy and the heat generated by the ultrasound of Ulthera might interfere with the killing of the fat cells from Zeltiq.

Q: I had a dental implant placed a month ago. Can I still have Ultherapy on my cheeks?

A: Yes. Some people think that the pain is accentuated over dental fillings. If the metal of the implant might absorb more heat and hurt, then gauze can be placed between the jawbone or maxillary bone to protect the painful tooth area during Ultherapy.

Q: I hear that Ultherapy has no downtime. My time is limited and I need to drive 300 miles tomorrow evening and my Ulthera is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Is this a good idea?

A: No. No one can ever guarantee you won't have some unusual reaction, especially if you are driving, it's not worth the risk for an elective procedure. There might be swelling around the eyes and you might need some pain medication to get through the procedure (pain medication is rarely needed after the procedure). You should not drive right after taking a pain killer if it is a narcotic, nor if you are given an anxiolytic to decrease your anxiety, such as Valium or Ativan.

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