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Q: Can I take the bus home after Ulthera Procedure in NY?

A: We tell our patients to have a friend pick them up and go home with car service if the friend doesn't drive.

Q: What can make my crepey skin of the forearms look better?

A: Thermage and Fraxel Restore laser have improved photodamaged skin, at times, significantly. Sunscreen is a must.

Q: What can I do to lift my sagging face that happened after a doctor injected Botox for my hypertrophic masseter cheek muscle?

A: Ultherapy may help lift the cheeks to some extent. Ulthera uses a focused deeply penetrating ultrasound energy to heat the dermal connective tissue and collagen. The connective tissue tightens and then lifts, and subsequent to the energy, the body produces more collagen. Certainly, you could get an evaluation from a plastic surgeon for a facelift.

Q: I am so anxious about pain but I want to get a facelift. I know if I have general anesthesia I won't know what's happening during the lift, but I'm still afraid of the recovery pain. What can I do? Would Ultherapy hurt too much?

A: Speak to your plastic surgeon about your concerns. Usually facelifts don't hurt significantly post-operatively. Swelling can distort your face and there may be considerable bruising, but you may not have much pain. Ulthera is a non-invasive tightening procedure and there is no downtime. The pain is only during the procedure. If you know you have such a low pain threshold that you won't bear the treatment, then an anti-anxiety pill, pain medication both narcotic and non-steroidal, will help minimize your pain. If your pain threshold is low enough, then one can consider sedation with a board certified anesthesiologist in our accredited office-based surgery practice in NYC for the Ultherapy.

Q: I have bad body psoriasis but none on my face. I know there is a koebner phenomenon in which areas of trauma may have psoriasis develop. Would I be a candidate for Ultherapy for facial lifting, or could this induce psoriasis on my face?

A: To-date I am not aware of any stimulation of facial psoriasis. When Ultherapy is done correctly, there is no epidermal or superficial dermal injury / trauma. The focused ultrasound penetrates 4.5mm deep in the dermis to stimulate collagen production. If you are very concerned about this, then ask your physician if a relatively hidden patch of skin could be tested first, provided there is no risk to underlying nerves.

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