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PRO-NOX® (Laughing Gas) Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

No longer will you have to face anxiety and discomfort during many types of procedures. Instead, you can now say hello to instant comfort. Dr Shelton is happy to announce the addition of Pro-nox® Nitrous Oxide Analgesia to his practice.

What is Pro-nox® ?

Pro nox

In brief, Pro-nox® (Laughing Gas) is used to provide relief and ease pain during uncomfortable aesthetic or medical procedures. It is the more refined and highly safe version of what is commonly referred to as "laughing gas" used by dentists. Pro-nox® is a gas system that delivers a gaseous mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide in equal quantities. This mixture has been used around the world in labor and delivery for decades. However, years of research and discussions with Anesthesiologists and dentists who use nitrous oxide, have enabled the FDA to clear Pro-nox® for safe administration in cosmetic dermatology.

The most distinctive feature of Pro-nox® would be that patients are able to control it by themselves and, it is also a non-addictive alternative that is ideal for managing anxiety and pain. Apart from labor and delivery, Pro-nox TM is also ideal for aesthetic procedures including Ultherapy®, Infini microneedling, and some forms of laser treatment.

How it works: A short period of time is required for Pro-nox® to take effect. Once the patient starts to breathe in the gas up to five inhalations, its effect will be felt within a few seconds. The gas gets transferred to lungs and then gets exhaled. With Pro-nox®, the patient will not fall asleep during the procedure, but will remain wide awake and comfortable. When the procedure is over, the patient will be able to drive back home within ten minutes.

As they are presently equipped with the Pro-Nox® delivery system, medical providers in the cosmetic field are able to perform non-invasive procedures with minimal pain and discomfort.


Dr. Shelton states;

This is one of the most significant and revolutionary changes to the practice of cosmetic dermatology since he started in 1993!