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Botox™ / Dysport Before & After Photos

Before Botox (sagging upper eyes)
2 weeks after Non surgical Botox Brow lift.
(helped lift her sagging upper eyes)
Dimpling of chin
(Peau d'orange) before Botox
2 weeks after 1 Botox treatment -
No filler used
Before Botox
After Botox
Before Botox and Fillers
After Botox and Fillers
before botox
Gummy Smile After Botox
Before Betox (At rest)
After Botox (At Rest)
Before Botox (With Frowning)
After Botox (With Frowning)
Before Botox Brow Lift
After Botox Brow Lift NYC
After Botox Brow Lift
Before Botox (At Rest)
Before Botox (At Rest)
After Botox (at Rest)
Before Botox (At Rest)
One Month After Botox (At Rest)
Before Botox with Contraction
One Month After Botox with Contraction

Disclaimer: These patients demonstrate results unique to their case and no patient can be guaranteed excellent results.

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