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Q: Can I have Thermage™ to treat wrinkled skin on my abdomen?

A: If the skin is severely wrinkled, sagging, thin, and/or inelastic, then Thermage™ will not produce as great a result as an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). However, there are some patients who refuse to or cannot have surgery. As liposuction might make such skin worse, and laser liposuction could cause more indentations and even burns from excessive heat, Thermage™ might be a good treatment to improve, but not eliminate, the wrinkled skin.

Q: I want to lift my upper eyelids and the lower cheeks/jowls, but I also want my wrinkles improved. Can Thermage™ do both?

A: No, Thermage™ will not treat the wrinkles even when it tightens the skin to improve the sagging upper eyelid or lift the lower cheeks. Fraxel™ Repair or Plasma resurfacing can be done for the exterior of the skin surface to improve these lines. Both procedures are often performed on patients for this reason, and the Thermage™ can be done immediately prior to the resurfacing the same day. Please keep in mind that the resurfacing takes one week to heal (Plasma) and up to two weeks to heal (Fraxel™ Repair), but there is no downtime with Thermage™. Fraxel™ Restore has minimal downtime but its results for wrinkles is limited compared with Fraxel™ Repair.

Q: Can Thermage™ help my sagging skin around the knees after liposuction?

A: If you have an indentation after liposuction, Thermage™ will not help. If you have loose skin that’s hanging down and had it before the liposuction, then maybe the Thermage™ will help. Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing who will get the good improvement, but as there often is no alternative but surgery and that has much more risk, many people are not willing to undergo the surgery and will try the Thermage™.

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