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Thermage Treatments New York

Q: Can I have Thermage after fillers?

A: If you have had Restylane or Juvederm, or Radiesse, there is no evidence that Thermage would interefere with their effectiveness. That said, if you have both done the same day, we would do the Thermage first.

Q: What treatment is available to cure my cellulite?

A: I know of no treatment that can make cellulite go away permanently. Thermage, radiofrequency, non-invasive treatment may improve the condition for some women, but others will not obtain benefit and it is impossible to tell who will be the lucky ones. Endermologie and Velashape can, with ongoing maintenance treatment, improve the appearance.

Q: Can cellulite go away from treatment?

A: No one treatment has proven to be a cure for cellulite. Thermage may provide some maintenance treatment as can Velashape and the older Endermologie treatments. Newer treatments do not have long term followup data to discuss long term results but I doubt they could provide a cure.

Q: I have seen many devices for sale that a consumer can purchase and use at home and do treatments to their own face for tightening. Some come with manuals and videos to do facial exercises. Do these help?

A: Unfortunately, many of these treatments have not undergone medical clinical testing in a double-blind, placebo-controlled environment so physicians can’t say whether they truly work. It is rare that we see atrophy and sagging as a result of muscle wasting so I doubt exercises would be very helpful. It is the loss of collagen as we age that contributes to the falling of the face (as well as fat loss). Thermage radiofrequency external energy is applied as an outpatient procedure and after a one hour or more session, there is continued tightening for six months after. The results however are not predictable and some patients derive better benefit than others.

Q: I don’t want to have a facelift but my jowls are hanging over my jaw. What can be done for them other than surgery?

A: Liposuction and Thermage are two procedures that might help thin out or elevate the jowls without invasive surgery. Facelifts do predictably provide better results but if such surgery is out of the question for you, you may consider Thermage first as there is no downtime and minimal risk.

Q: I had a neck lift six months ago, but my skin is loose and has tiny folds now. The doctor wants to do a revision but I can’t afford the down-time for at least a year. Is there anything else I can do?

A: Thermage has no downtime and might be able to produce some tightening until you have definitive revisional surgery.

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