Facial Filler is a gel-like soft substance that is injected through a non-surgical cosmetic procedure. This substance includes ingredients which can restore your youthfulness by adding volume to areas such as cheeks, lips, under eyes and around the mouth; which are thinned due to aging. Needles are sharp of course, however Dr Shelton shows in this video how facial fillers can be injected with a blunt cannula to minimize injury and lessen the pain.


Cannula is a blunt tip tool which looks similar to a needle. It can inject the filler even below the muscle through a lesser number of punctures unlike needles which create several holes. It is painful when needles create several holes especially in sensitive areas in the face. With a blunt cannula a wider area can be covered with a single puncture as shown in the above video.

Using a blunt-tip cannula is a better alternative to reduce bruising and pain, also with a quicker recovery. Because of its ease of use, perceived pain and satisfied cosmetic outcomes, more people are opting for Fillers now than before. Dr Shelton says using the cannula is quite effective especially in tender areas of the face where bruising has been common when using the needle.

Dr Shelton rarely sees bruises and observes a decrease in patient discomfort and swelling in patients when using a cannula for Facial Fillers. Dermal fillers are safe and made from a substance that’s also found naturally in the body, and they add fullness to skin, reducing the appearance of folds and wrinkles.

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