cheek fillers

As we age our cheeks flatten and start to sag. Cheek fillers are a good solution to regain the lost volume and some of that plumpness back.

Cheek fillers are injections that add volume to the cheekbones. Cheek fillers can soften fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Shelton says if you put the correct amount of filler in the right place, it gives a natural look.

Unfortunately it’s not the same everywhere. Some people look completely different compared to how they were before getting the fillers. This overdone look can spoil the natural beauty.

There was a time when fashion magazine covers featured celebrities with over-filled cheeks and lips. This has changed now as women want a more natural and softer look.

Dr Shelton says the key to an effective facial filler is that it should be unnoticed. Cheek fillers will make you look less sad, less saggy, less tired and more attractive.

Dr Shelton examines the patient’s face from all angles and in detail, so his/her face looks normal when you smile and laugh.  Dr. Shelton’s prime concern is for you to look your best, not different. Patients have expressed their satisfaction after the treatment as Dr Shelton knows how to get the best natural looking results for his patients. His experience in the cosmetic dermatology spans for 30 plus years.

It is important that you get your cheek fillers injected by an experienced dermatologist. During your consultation you may ask to see before/after photos of previous patients. Check the before and after photo gallery of Dr. Shelton’s patients at:

Please note that these results may vary by individual patient

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