Below is a patient who was happy to share her experience during her laser resurfacing treatment at Dr Ron Shelton’s practice. She was extremely pleased with his expertise and level of professionalism which had far exceeded her expectations for the entire process.

Before laser resurfacing on the nose
Immediately after Laser Resurfacing
After Laser Resurfacing

The above patient had a small bump that was growing on her nose for over 10 years. While she didn't face any pain or discoloration, she remained bothered with the asymmetry of her nose. As it was getting worse over the years, the patient had consulted dozens of dermatologists in the last decade, but she received neither a proper diagnosis nor a plausible solution. It is only then that she found out about Dr Shelton's practice, where she was able to discuss her options for treatment with him.

Using a special non-invasive cellular imaging tool and Confocal Imaging at the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, Dr Shelton and his team ruled out Cancer. The patient was pleased that Dr Shelton recommended the laser, instead the usual Biopsy Excision which would have left a scar on the nose. The patient had Trichofolliculoma and she was treated with the appropriate laser.

Having received treatment at Dr Shelton's practice, the patient was amazed to see that her nose was finally symmetrical, with the perfect contour again and she is no longer self-conscious about it. 


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