Fraxel Scar Removal NYC - The Right Scar Removal Treatment for You

Fraxel™ combines the effectiveness of a traditional, more invasive laser with the safety of a treatment that precisely targets a treated area. This low-risk, high-reward therapy can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation concerns such as brown spots or melasma, or pre-cancers like Actinic Keratosis.

It can also treat scars that may be unpleasant reminders of acne, chickenpox, past surgeries, or other trauma.

How scars are removed

As a fractional laser, Fraxel™ treats the area underneath the top layers of skin from the surface down. Unlike other ablative or wounding lasers, it doesn’t remove the outermost layers of tissue. It instead precisely targets these skin depressions or indentations by creating microscopic laser dots. The affected surface area is refined while the firming collagen production is stimulated in the underlying tissues. Since these natural processes get a jumpstart, your scars are smoothed.

After just a few minutes of treatment formation of new collagen begins and skin cells are rejuvenated. This process can take one to three weeks and usually require more than one treatment session a month apart. Most patients tolerate this well with just having some numbing cream applied for 30 – 60 minutes prior to the procedure.

A note about scars

One of the beautiful features of fractional laser resurfacing is the minimum of risks and unwanted side effects; however, other treatments to smooth scars without damaging healthy areas may be recommended. For instance, the company behind Fraxel™, Solta Medical, notes you may not be an appropriate candidate to reduce your scars with fractional lasers if you have:

  • A history of excessive scarring
  • Experienced indentations, texture changes after previous surgeries
  • Post-surgical changes to skin color in the past
  • A Predisposition toward keloids, raised bumps caused by scar tissue

Since no single treatment is right everyone, Dr. Shelton may suggest other options to eliminate your scars.

Let’s start the process of discovering if Fraxel™ for scar removal in NYC is right for you by calling to schedule an appointment.

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