2 Weeks after Daxxify for Forehead Wrinkles

Most people are concerned with facial wrinkles as they age. Although getting old is inevitable, wrinkles can make a person look older than their age. Currently the cosmetic market has a wide range of treatments and products for facial wrinkles. Botox® and several other neuromodulators containing Botulinum Toxin Type A have been available for a long time for those who want to reduce the appearance of frown lines. Daxxify® by Revance Therapeutics is the newest FDA-approved botulinum toxin product. This is a unique protein which acts as a neurotoxin to block communication between nerve cells or neurons. Daxxify® and Botox® Cosmetic are both injectable medications used to improve the appearance of facial wrinkles.

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Most of you who are familiar with Botox® may wonder how Daxxify® is different and why anyone should consider Daxxify® over Botox® Cosmetic.

How is Daxxify® different from Botox® Cosmetic?

  • Treatment Results

The most notable difference is the length of time that the results last. Results from Botox® and other injectables typically last for 3 to 5 months. During the clinical studies the results indicated that Daxxify® may last up to 6 months. This makes it a popular alternative for the patients since it may reduce the number of their visits to the injector.

  • Treatment Areas

Daxxify® is less versatile since it is designed and approved by the FDA to treat only frown lines (vertical lines that form between the eyebrows) so far. However, there has been an improvement on crows feet off label on patients treated with Daxxify® at Dr. Shelton's practice. See below patient photo:

9 days after Daxxify NYC for Glabella and off-label crows feet - Possibly longer duration of effectiveness than Botox.

Botox® treats more areas such as forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, hooded eyes and more.

Similar to Botox, Dr. Shelton’s patients have shown visible results of a “forehead lift” which helped open up eyes and most patients reported less tiredness after the treatment as their upper eyelids aren’t heavy as before. See below patient photo:

2 weeks after Daxxify in NYC. Before and after Daxxify treatment of frowning. Similar to Botox, there is a “forehead lift” which helps open up the eyes and most patients feel less tired as their upper eyelids aren’t heavy.
  • Ingredients: 

Although both Daxxify® and Botox® contain Botulinum toxin type A, their ingredients differ from one another. Botox® uses human albumin as a stabilizer. Daxxify® is the first neuromodulator formulated with peptide exchange technology that uses a stabilizing peptide instead of human serum albumin which results in high stability that may allow the treatment results to last longer.

Aside from these differences Daxxify® and Botox® are similar treatments. Both medications are effective at improving the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Where to get Daxxify®? 

Since Daxxify® is still new, only a few providers offer the treatment. Dr. Ron Shelton is already trained to provide Daxxify® at his practice in New York City to any patient who is interested in reducing the appearance of frown lines. He will evaluate your condition and provide the best solution according to your needs while explaining what the treatment entails.