Maintaining a youthful appearance is important to almost every woman. One of the most common concerns among aging adults is loose skin, which can be caused by a variety of factors, including weight loss, pregnancy, and natural aging. While there are a number of surgical and nonsurgical options available for addressing this issue, most are expensive and require downtime.

The following images show results from the CoolTone® treatment for buttock stimulation done for muscle tightening:

CoolTone® is the latest treatment to get your buttocks toned down this summer.

In brief:

    • CoolTone® is non-surgical
    • It takes as little as 30 minutes for a session
    • It lifts and tones the buttocks
    • It tightens and contours
    • It enhances the overall appearance

What happens during the CoolTone® treatment?

CoolTone® induces volumetric growth in the muscles of the buttock by creating new muscle fibers. The result is a more lifted and toned appearance for a firm look and feel. This phenomenal result has made CoolTone® the best non-surgical buttock lift option for those who do not want incisions and lengthy periods of time spent in recovery.