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Botox during COVID-19

When stay-at-home regulations were enforced due to Covid-19 in March, most daily activities were completely put on hold. But now, as the world begins to get used to the new normal, selected medical procedures are underway at our practice, Laser and Skin Surgery Center New York.

Procedures such as Botox and Fillers might be the first thing you have wanted to do since quarantine was lifted. After all, the most visible areas while wearing the mask – the brow area, forehead and eyes, are typically treated with Botox injections.

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Skin Treatments Perfect for Summer (That are safe)

With Covid-19 taking its psychological toll on the populace, people have been increasingly showing signs of anxiety and depression. And, in the midst of prevailing uncertainty, feeling good about yourself is the least you can do to keep yourself happy through this summer.

Now that the country is slowly reopening after months of shut down, you can finally get those Botox and fillers that you have been dreaming about.

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The life of a skin graft

A skin graft even taken from the exact area adjacent to the site of surgery changes color over time as it’s skin in a new area that has to redevelop blood flow. It becomes thinner, smoother, loses pores and becomes whiter usually. Rarely grafts become thicker from contraction and swelling, and in some cases darker than surrounding skin. Lasers can be used to improve the contour of the edge of the graft or its surface, and can be judiciously used for color improvement.

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Treating tongue and skin pigmentation with Ruby Laser

Various lasers are used to treat different dermatologic conditions today. These lasers differ from one another according to the nature of the condition that is treated, which may require different wavelengths, pulses, and energy outputs.

The Ruby laser is a solid-state laser, which emits a ruby colored wavelength of light pulses. These pulses target skin pigmentations, such as brown spots, freckles and birthmarks.

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