Sofwave™ and Ultherapy treatments both utilize ultrasound energy to heat the body and to stimulate the production of collagen. In doing so, the treatments gradually lift and tone the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

How does Sofwave™ compare to Ultherapy?


The real difference between Sofwave™ and Ultherapy is the depths with which energy is delivered to the skin through the device. In Sofwave™, energy is delivered only to 1.5mm to the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, just below the surface where collagen is mostly available.

On the other hand, Ultherapy delivers energy at 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm, and is used by Dr Shelton for the deeper dermis collagen is seen on the monitor, real time.

Which is faster? Sofwave™ or Ultherapy?

''Treatment time varies based on the patient’s anatomy'', Dr. Shelton says. Comparing the superficial depth of Ultherapy and Sofwave™ the treatment time could be the same but as Ultherapy can involve deeper tissues as well, then the time may be greater and often Dr. Shelton uses both technologies. He uses the Ultherapy for the deeper dermis avoiding treating any fat, and then uses Sofwave™ to treat the superficial dermal collagen. This obviously takes more time than using only the Sofwave™ technology.

Which is more comfortable? Sofwave™ or Ultherapy?

Both Ultherapy and Sofwave™ can be quite uncomfortable depending on the energy used and location as some areas such as near the bony prominences can be felt more.

Dr. Shelton applies a numbing cream to the area for an hour prior to the procedure and gives his patients pain medication during the procedures for those who wish and even nitrous oxide “laughing gas” but some only use the numbing cream and Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).

Sofwave™ and Ultherapy improve skin quality and firming loose, crepey skin. Dr. Shelton prefers Sofwave™ for the superficial dermis because its contact tip cools the skin and minimizes any welts or small swellings that can be seen after the superficial Ultherapy tip. Neither the 3mm. nor deeper 4.5mm. Ultherapy tips cause this swelling. The Sofwave™ delivers its energy along the entire length of the treatment area all at the same time whereas the Ultherapy unit lays down a line of sequential energy bursts.

Dr Shelton recommends both Sofwave™ and Ultherapy technologies since they offer no downtime in skin tightening treatment for most patients. Rarely there can be some swelling for a few days and very rarely is any bruising noted. Both are non-invasive procedures, which means that patients do not need to go through surgery or incisions.

According to Dr Shelton, patients are likely to receive a better response when both the treatments are combined, especially for the cheek and the neck areas. He uses Sofwave™ after the Ultherapy procedure is complete so that he can target the structural layers of the skin. The lack of downtime also means that clients are able to leave Dr. Shelton’s practice and return to their daily activities immediately afterward.

Ready to find out more about Sofwave and Ultherapy in NYC?

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