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Innovative CoolSculpting™ in Midtown NYC is ideal for slimming inner thighs

The inner thighs are a perfect target for the CoolSculpting™ procedure. Different types of applicators are used to deliver the cold necessary for “fat freezing.”

Not every cosmetic practice has applicators specifically for use on the inner thighs. Dr. Shelton, however, is one of the few specialists in NYC and the U.S. with four devices. All four may be used simultaneously during sessions, cutting down on the amount of time required for treatment.

For example, your abdomen, sides, and inner and outer thighs may all be treated at once. More sessions may follow, depending on your goals and post-treatment progress.

The inner thighs are perfect for this technique, because CoolSculpting™ is for those pockets that aren’t reduced with diligent diet and exercise. If you are genetically predisposed to carry a little extra weight on your thighs, no amount of exercise may achieve the tone and sculpting you desire.

It’s not surprising, then, that Zeltiq Aesthetics named the thighs as among the most-wanted area for fat reduction. The company reports 7.2 million Americans expressed interest in sculpting both inner and outer thighs with CoolSculpting applicators.

Tailored treatment

CoolSculpting was first FDA cleared for use on the abdomen and flanks. Later, an applicator was introduced to treat the hard-to-reach inner thigh. More recently, an applicator became available to treat the “non-pinchable” area of the outer thigh. Now those wanting slimmer, more defined thighs can get them with a combination of the CoolFit and CoolSmooth applicators.

CoolFit is designed to reach the inner thighs and isolate the longer bulges that make up inner thigh fat. These lifted bulges are then exposed to cold temperatures, which start crystallizing the fat cells that later die and are naturally and safely eliminated from the body. The design that facilitates cooling of this tricky, larger area includes 38 percent bigger cooling plates and a flat applicator cup.

A more recent invention, CoolSmooth, is designed to conform to the outer thighs that can’t be pinched and easily lifted for cooling.

A testament to the applicators’ effectiveness, Zeltiq Aesthetics reports 80-plus percent of those treated saw visibly reduced fat. Some effects were noted within three weeks; with the most dramatic results typically achieved within one to three months as the fat cells are flushed from the body.

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What's next?

CoolSculpting™ for inner thighs in NYC is now a possibility, thanks to Dr. Shelton’ s access to and knowledge of these latest applicators. Call to schedule a consultation by calling (212) 593 1818 without delay